TeleNeutral Mediation ( - Pricing*

Small Claims Court Mediation Special (For disputes of $10,000 or less and only two parties to the dispute)*

  • $20 Mediation Video-Conference / Teleconference Reservation Fee (payable in advance; non-refundable unless mediation is canceled at least 24 hours in advance. The Mediation Reservation Fee is in addition to the Hourly Mediation Fee)
  • $75 per hour Hourly Mediation Fee (1 hour minimum; additional hours billed in 20 minute increments)
  • For best results, the online / telephone / Internet mediation session should be scheduled at least three days in advance.

Disputes involving three or more parties or more than $10,000 at issue

  • Call for pricing and availability.

Use of the technology platform only (the parties supply their own mediator)

  • Call for pricing and availability.

In-Person Mediation

  • Call for pricing and availability.

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*TeleNeutral Mediation is not affiliated with or endorsed by any Superior Court, Small Claims Court, or other government agency. Not an attorney. Not licensed to practice law. Not a provider of legal services. Results not guaranteed. Other terms and conditions apply. California only. Advertisement only - Not to be construed as an offer creating a power of acceptance. Prices as of June 2019 and subject to change.