System Requirements

TeleNeutral Mediation ( -

System Requirements:

Telephone-only mediation can be conducted by mediator James V. Cardoza through the TeleNeutral Mediation virtual meeting platform over any cell phone, landline phone, or VOIP phone. However, for best results, fully-integrated Video mediation is recommended.

Fully-Integrated Video mediation can be conducted by James V. Cardoza using the technology platform using any of the following:

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer (Mac, Windows, or ubuntu-Linux) with a broadband Internet connection, webcam, microphone, speakers, and latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox Internet Browser;
  • iPhone running iOS 10.0 or later (Free video app download required);
  • Android device running Android 5.0 or higher (Free video app download required).

Multi-Party Conflicts (i.e. mediator plus 3-6 participants) can be conducted with some parties participating by telephone only, and other parties participating using fully integrated video.

Bandwidth Requirements:

Download Speed: Minimum: 300 kbps; Recommended: 3.4 mbps)

Upload Speed: Minimum: 300 kbps; Recommended: 3.2 mbps)

To test your download/upload speed, search "Speed Test" on Google.

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